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Freelance Site Rep for Hire


Andrew Sheffield has been working in the Film Industry for over 10 years,

in every capacity imaginable; as a PA of every possible stripe, as a Coordinator, Editor, Site Rep, and even as a Writer and Director. With

that breadth of experience to draw from, your filming location is in

capable hands with Andrew as your Site Rep.

Site Rep

Andrew has worked at a variety of locations for Film/TV productions all over the LA area including commercial and residential properties. Using his years of on-set experience, he expertly liaisons between location and production, ensured the safety and integrity of the shooting location from all damage, ensures the comfort of any residents present, and represents the property owners’ best interests during production.


As a Site Rep, Andrew has had a hand in bringing to the screen prestigious and award-nominated films and shows, including Perry Mason (HBO), Mank (Netflix), and the Dropout (Hulu). Freelancing with multiple clients, Andrew has a proven track record with locations companies like Cap Equity, Icon Locations, and Mission Road Studios. 

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